Book Clubs

Conventional wisdom says brick 'n mortar bookstores are a dying breed. Not so--and we have over fifteen years of continued success to prove it. 

How?  Shopping local and the thousands of North Georgia customers who shop and support us each and every day. We all understand that shopping local benefits the community, benefits you, and benefits any present and future entrepreneur that has a dream.

Shopping local makes it all happen.

   Shopping Local                


Our East Cobb store has ample space to host fellow book lovers discussing books. Simply buy your monthly selections new from Bookmiser and reserve your space and time for your book club. Want to start a book club? CONTACT US 

with your thoughts.


Bookmiser is a community bookstore providing REAL new and used books to Cobb, Cherokee, and North Fulton counties. Our journey started in 1998 with our dream of creating a bookstore experience that was  clean, easy to find, simple, and community  focused. Our REAL inventory is extensive with over 40,000 high quality books in our East Cobb location, and competitively priced, often cheaper than our online friends. REALLY! We

proudly support local schools and offer discounted special orders with 1-2 day delivery. 

So GET REAL and join us for the next 20 years.