Bookmiser New and Used Books

Bookmiser makes every effort, YEAR-ROUND, to maintain an in-stock position of all school required reading books. We also fulfill special book orders for teachers and will work with school organizations and PTA's to provide required reading. 

Most new required reading books are discounted off the suggested publisher's retail price

BOOKMISER LOVES BOOK CONVERSATIONS! That's why we currently host 10 book clubs. But there is no limit to the number of conversations we're willing to have. So we're proud to announce an expansion.

          Looking to have intelligent conversations about books with fellow booklovers?

We're expanding our portfolio of 10 existing book clubs by 3:




Join us—here's how:

  • 1. Complete the BOOK CLUB FORM
  • 2. Turn the form into a Bookmiser associate or email it to

Things to Know:

  • Groups meet once a month--same day, same time
  • All meetings are held at Bookmiser
  • Book selections are determined by members, but our staff is happy to offer suggestions
  • There is no fee for attending, but members are required to purchase the selected titles new from Bookmiser

   Shopping Local                

How did Bookmiser begin?

It all came to fruition in a 1997 summer vacation trip to southern Florida to visit the grandparents.  The idea for a bookstore had been floated for many years, but on an eleven hour road trip, we had plenty of time to parse the subject and cement the details.  The children were riveted with the idea, and excited about having input into what most would consider an “adult” decision.

The Bookmiser used book store concept was born.  We all agreed there was no such thing as a “bad” used book store.  However, we wanted to be different, unique, and create a concept that would separate us from others in the industry. Our bookstore would be clean and organized, not dusty, musty and in disarray; the store would be easy to see, easy to find, easy to access; our trade and pricing concept would be simple, keeping rules to a minimum; the inventory would be clean and of high quality; the bookstore experience would include more than books, featuring music of decades gone by—the ‘30’s, ‘40’s, and ‘50’s.

In May 1998, we began the exploration for a location that met our criteria of high profile, visible, and easy to access.  In addition, we needed to source inventory so we could “seed” the store until customer trades filled our shelves.  For the next 4 months, it was a constant exploration of garage sales, estate sales, phone calls to leasing agents, and road trips throughout northwest Atlanta.

On September 19, 1998, Bookmiser became a reality--a risk, a dream, and a success. Since then, we opened our current East Cobb location and proudly maintained our Roswell location for over 20 years.  Bookmiser continues to serve Marietta and surrounding communities—hosting author events, facilitating store hosted book clubs, and yes, selling used and new books.

The outpouring of support from the community was, and remains, tremendous To our customers, please accept our deepest appreciation and many thanks for validating our decision to create Bookmiser each and every day.

Trade Policy

Our East Cobb  location enjoys over 40,000 new and used titles. We pride ourselves on having a very robust selection. Unfortunately, space and lack of a crystal ball preclude us from carrying every title a customer may desire. Bookmiser is more than happy to SPECIAL ORDER any title available.  

  • Special orders are new books
  • Delivery is within 1-2 business days of ordering
  • Most books are 20% off the publisher's price (with prepayment)
  • ​No delivery charge

School Reading

Special Orders

Conventional wisdom says brick 'n mortar bookstores are a dying breed. Not so--and we have over twenty years of continued success to prove it. 

How?  Shopping local and the thousands of North Georgia customers who shop and support us each and every day. We all understand that shopping local benefits the community, benefits you, and benefits any present and future entrepreneur that has a dream.

Shopping local makes it all happen.

 We are committed to providing a trade policy that is both beneficial to our customers and Bookmiser. Before a trade can be made, the following criteria is evaluated: product is in good condition, there are not too many in-stock, and the item(s) have a customer demand.
If the above criteria are met, Bookmiser will issue USED BOOK TRADE CREDIT for the items kept. USED BOOK TRADE CREDIT values range from 10-20% of the original publisher's price. ​

Some trade features that distinguish us from other used book stores include:
-Your store credit remains valid as long as Bookmiser remains in business.
-You may use your used book credit toward the purchase of other used merchandise in any genre or format. -We keep track of your store credit on our database.